If you are an aspiring actor or actress, you need to know how to go about finding movie, commercial or TV show auditions in 2013 you have come to the right place! The first step you have to take is to sign on with an agency, as they are going to be the main connection and link to finding out about the latest casting calls, and finding the right auditions for you. Since agencies have the inside connections with movie studios and producers, they are usually the first ones who hear about a role, and in some cases, the only ones who will hear about the role. So, you do have to get on board with a well known agency, so that your agent can help you find the right roles for you to audition with, when you are looking for a new part in a film.

There are also certain online sites you might find open casting calls with. This is a bit more difficult, and it is not for all films you are going to find open calls for. But, in some instances, online sites will provide you with open casting calls, and you can go about finding movie auditions this way as well. It is important to confirm the information, so you may want to register with a few of these sites, to ensure the information is accurate, and to find out the contact information. You should call in, and you should find out as much as possible, to ensure the casting calls are real, and are for a movie you would be suitable for, or a show you would like to be on.

Many tv stations, or new directors will sometimes put out an open casting call. They will put up tv ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, billboards, and other information about finding movie auditions. Depending on the movie, the director, and what kind of film it is, you are sometimes able to find casting calls this way. Not many directors do this; it is usually for indie (independent film) companies, and those that have a lower budget. But, if you are new to the world of acting, and are looking to take on any role, these might be your foot in the door, and might help you to find later roles. If you find a great role, you can be seen by a big name director, and these indie films can sometimes lead to a big break for you as an actor.

There are a few ways to go about finding movie or T.V. auditions. The best, and most trusted method, is to find a reliable casting agency, and to work with them. Not only do they get information about casting calls first, they are also going to help you prepare for a role. But, any of these are viable options for you to find movie roles, and if you are an aspiring actor or actress, you should consider all of them, so that you might possible be able to land the perfect role and the perfect movie to start your career.

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